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About us

In 1968 the Computer Laboratory was founded by the sponsor, our school's Physics Research Center. On February 24, 1969, Model IBM 1130 computer was purchased, installed, and started to operate. It not only supported the researches of Physics Research Center but also provided educational services for whole school.

In 1973, for the requirement of massive computing, our school signed a contract with Computer Center, Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology and connected a dedicated line to CDC Cyber 72/14 computer in Chung-Shan. November 1975, with the subsidization of the National Science Council, a GASPC-16/45 small scale computer was purchased for Chinese data processing research. This equipment was also used in computer teaching for the whole school. Not until July 1976, was Computer Center officially approved by Ministry of Education to be established as a unit for providing service to the whole school. August 1979 it was moved to Third Engineering Building. January 1980 rented CDC Cyber 172 computer. March 1982 purchased and installed MITEL SX-200 telephone system which was connected to Cyber 172 host, therefore established a campus dial-up network. August 1985, Computer Center was moved to Second General Building as currently it is located and Cyber 180/840 computer host was rented in addition. Also terminal and microcomputer facilities were expanded for supporting whole school's education and research.

In 1986 our school finished the academic information system which had been developed for three years. This system and HP3000 host were officially transferred to Division of Network System, Computer Center for supporting computerization of school administration such as: academic affairs, student affairs, general affairs, accountancy, human resources, salaries, medical management, graduate association, and alumni affairs. May 1986, a master student recruiting system which had been developed on PC was officially put on-line. Thereafter systems of transferring student recruiting, master student admission test, doctoral student recruiting, and undergraduate student admission application were developed. June 1992, because of continual increase of academic administration subsystems and the consideration of capacity and efficiency, Computer Center purchased Model 947 and transferred the Academic Information System onto it for operation. September 1997 added HP9000 host for school affair online inquiry.

In order to computerize school administration, every system would be gradually changed into multi-level hierarchical structure. Large host and central processing would be obsolete and replaced with electronic communication networks, personal computers, workstations, and various applications on them.

In 1988, we participated in the fiber network system experimental project (FMAN) of Hsin-Chu, and connected to the international academic network, BITNET. We constructed the fiber network over the campus in 1990, which linking each department with fiber link, and connected to Taiwan Area Network (TANET) and the Internet.

In 1991, the fiber networks in the campus were upgraded into 100 Mbits FDDI system. We also constructed the campus NetNews system and Domain Name system in order to provide full internet service mechanism. In 1993, the first FDDI network system in student dorm area in Taiwan was constructed in NTHU, allowing the connection between Dormnet and campus network. In 1994, a connection was established to "National Center of High-performance Computing" through the infrared wireless communication system, which worked as the backup system for the fiber link between NTHU and NCTU.

In 1995, the first price counting system of campus fiber network was developed in NTHU. In 1996, with the connection to TANET through high-speed ATM switches, we were able to build the synchronous distance learning system. In 1998, by linking our network with NCTU and NCHC through the OC12 622 Mbits ATM Switch, a high-speed fiber network center in HsinChu area was established. In 1999, we provided the connection to the TANET/I2 academic network for the promotion of academic researches. In the same year, we also linked with the NBEN, which provided a research platform of network technology. In 2000, the upgrade project of campus fiber network was on its way. The Gigabit switching backbone network fulfilled the need of ultra-high bandwidth and multi-media transmission.

The Convex 3400 was purchased in 1992 as the campus-wide host system. In the same year, we succeeded to the telephone exchanging service and managed the phone service communication system in the campus.

The IBM Cluster system was purchased in 1994 as the high-speed computing platform. The Computer Center was renamed as Computer & Communication Center in the November of the same year.

Under budget and timing limitations, we constructed the network for student dormitories in an efficient way by 10BASE-T wires. A RJ-45 line is dispatched to 2 wall jacks (each two students share one port). The network was constructed in Dorm Hong, Dorm Ya, Dorm Xin, Dorm Ming, Dorm Ping, Dorm Shan, Dorm Hau, Dorm Cheng. In 1998 the network was constructed in Dorm Shih, Dorm Yi, Dorm Li, Dorm Ren, Dorm Tsing, Dorm Wen, Dorm Hui, and Dorm Jing. In 1997, we purchased more hubs and Switches and completed the construction of dormitory network. There were 23 computer rooms in 20 dorms of our campus, offering 5328 network ports. Students have to apply online and pay network fees in order to access the Dormnet service.

We purchased fifty 286 PCs in the September of 1988, founded PC Room I and II for students and staff/faculty of NTHU. In the March of 1991 we founded Computer Training Room II (Room 506). The training room II was an amphitheater with a capacity of 50 people. It was equipped with one 586 PC, which could be connected to the CRT projector. The Computer Training Room I (Room 515) was founded in the October of 1993. The room had a capacity of 60 people. It was equipped with one 586 PC which could be connected to the LCD projector. The PC Room III and Word Processing Room were founded in 1994. In two years, the PC Room IV was founded, which was equipped with forty 586 PCs. In October of 1998, the Network teaching LAB was founded, which was equipped with twenty 586 PCs. The computer class for visually impaired students was founded in the same year. After several upgrade process from 1988 to 2007, now there are 47 586PCs and 8 printers in PC Room I, 31 586PCs and 13 printers in PC Room II, 41 586PCs and 8 printers in PC Room III, 9 586 PCs, 3 scanners, 1 positive recorder, 4 laser printers, 1 color printer in Word Processing Room.

The synchronous distance learning, which was originally operated by the Computer Science Dept., was taken charge by our center in the September of 1998. In the February of 2000, the non-synchronous distance learning project was set into action.

We began to offer computer courses for faculty, staff, and students in 1983. The technological and vocational computer training courses were then offered in 1994. In addition, we took charge of the projects of improvement of computer education from the ministry of education. We offered courses such as Basic Computer Concept(BCC), computer aided teaching design (CAI), and Taiwan academic network management. We also offered basic computer and network training courses for our faculty, staff, and their children.

After the School Affair Conference pasted the amendment, our center had certain alteration. The Division of Research and Development was altered to Division of Network System. The Division of System was altered to Division of Academic Information. Division of Learning and Technology was founded while the Division of Administration and the Division of Consultation were dismissed.

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