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Welcome Notice to New Students

Dear Freshmen:

  Greetings and congratulations, for you have entered one of the best universities of this country with outstanding scores! We, Computer and Communication Center will provide you with high quality campus network, dormitory network, email services when you are in school. After having graduated, you can still use a school-provided email account.

Today, when internet reaches everywhere in the world, I would like to remind you somethings. First: Never spent too much time on social platforms or computer games. Smart like you don't want to fail your grade because of this, do you? Second: Please always show deference to network intellectual property rights and information legality. We all wouldn’t like to receive a prosecution notice coming from telcom police authority. In other words, clear life goals and good time management will assure you a successful and colorful college life. Last, I would like to remind you that there are various resources to be well exploited in National Tsing Hua University, such as library, Center of Counseling Services, stadium, swimming pool, etc. Please don't miss any of them. College life is full of possibilities. We wish you can fully explore yourself and create your own excellent future through them.

  If you have any question about our services, you are welcomed to write to us at any time. Our service mail box is service@cc.nthu.edu.tw. Again, you are heartily welcomed. Peace in you!


Chun-Yao Wang

Distinguished Professor of Department of Computer Science

National Tsing Hua University
Director of Computer and Communication Center