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Nanda Campus information system and network services

Computer & Communication Center has set up the Division of Academic Information & Network Management on Nanda Campus, providing services for academic system, campus network and computer classrooms on Nanda Campus. We take questions from teachers and students on Nanda Campus, helping to solve academic system and network problems.

(A)Nanda Campus Information System and Network Problems Consultation Service :

If you have any problems of academic information & network service on Nanda Campus, you can directly go to the Division of Academic Information & Network Management on Nanda Campus (located on the third floor in the Building of Continuing Education ) for help, or call our service line: 03-5715131, extension 76405.
a (B)Nanda Campus Wireless Network Service :
The wireless network certification of Nanda Campus has already integrated with the main campus, please log in with main campus wireless account when use. Please refer to the description of main campus for detail information :  http://net.nthu.edu.tw/netsys/en:wireless:application
a (C)Nanda Campus Cable Network Service :

Cable network service can be used after passing the certification of cable network account on Nanda Campus. You can apply cable network account of Nanda Campus by the following steps:
1. First, apply through Internet accessible computer, logging into Academic Information System-> Computer and Communication Service->Nanda cable network account apply->Apply after finishing all the related information (effective immediately).

2. After the cable net is connected, open the browser, entering any website comes to the certificate page automatically. You can use the Internet after 15 seconds when you successfully apply account and password.

a (D)Nanda Campus Student Dormitory Network :
Student dormitory network on Nanda Campus has already included in main campus dormitory network system. If you have any problem with dormitory network, please contact Nanda extension number 76406, 76409, or register problem online in the notification system of Computer & Communication Center.