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2021 Campus Internet Service and Licensed Software Service Questionnaire, Gift Giveaway Notice


Thank you very much for your participation!  

Previously, due to the severe pandemic situation, it was decided that the reward giveaway should be postponed and that a further announcement will be made according to the situation of the pandemic.

Recently, the pandemic situation has been relatively moderate, therefore, it is estimated that starting from 7/12 (Mon.), the reward of completing the school questionnaire can be collected at our center.

As for the lucky draw and the results, as stated on the original webpage, the winners list and the collecting method will be announced at the end of August.


When receiving the reward, please follow the pandemic prevention regulations and cooperate with the crowd control, thank you.
a (1)The questionnaire completion reward:

Those who have completed the questionnaire can redeem one "animal-shaped keyboard brush" at random.

Redemption time: 12th July - 30th September, 10:00 am- 5:00 pm

Redemption location: (with faculty/student ID)

Main Campus Computer and Communication Center 2F Service Desk.

Nanda Campus Computer and Communication Center  - Nanda Campus Continuing Education Building 3F)


a.  Please bring your student ID or faculty ID to receive the reward, and sign your name when you receive the it.

b. You can entrust others to collect the reward on your behalf. The entrusted person must be a student or a faculty member of NTHU. The person must bring his student ID or faculty ID and also yours, and then sign when receiving the reward.
a (2)The Lucky Draw:  

Rewards:Bluetooth speaker, USB drive etc.

Announcement of the winners: The winners list and the colleting method will be announced on the Computer and Communication Center website at the end of August without further notice.

If there is any modification, it will also be announced on the Computer and Communication Center website.

If you have any questions, please mail to “service@cc.nthu.edu.tw”, thank you.



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